Monday, August 6, 2012

a bit of manorsteading

weekends are made for relaxing...

unless you live at the manor. our weekends tend to start out relaxing: coffee on the patio, watching the cows chew cud, avoiding the highway of ants that seems to always been rushing past our feet anywhere outside. then, we get a little itch that just has to be scratched with a lawn mower, a shovel, a bag of garden soil.

the inside of the new manor is coming along. we're in desperate need of book shelves (thanks to my slight addiction to bound paper) and we're still in debate as to where to hang the remaining art work. the outside, however, is where our hearts are. finally we have a yard! and yes, we actually do enjoy yard work.

off we went to the home improvement store and we returned with newly adopted plants, some bags of soil, a shovel and a hand tiller. oh yeah, and twenty feet of metal fencing! i had spent the past week chopping down the spindly bushes in front of the chimney and was tired of looking at bush stubs and tendril roots reaching out of the dirt like zombie fingers. instead of an extra in an adams' family episode, the front of our house now looks like this:

don't judge them too harshly; they're still babies! the area is now scented with rosemary, russian sage, and a gardenia bush that is filled with buds i am begging to open.

you may remember my stone planter with the green man faces on it? i've posted it before. well, it's found a new home on the front porch with a gnome. we've named the moss "morris" and if you watch the "i.t. crowd", you'll understand why (wait for will hit you soon!):

finally i feel as if i can display this welcome mat with pride:

aaahhhh...the closer we get to "done" the closer i feel we're getting to "home". sorry about the huge gap in posts this summer! i hope you all have had wonderful adventures and are enjoying this last month of summer freedom (or, if you're like me, the idea of summer freedom!).

have a marvelous week! i've got two more until my summer break! woohoo! now, to get that term paper written!



  1. The outside looks great! Glad you are enjoying making your new home look beautiful.

  2. You've been busy and your hard work has paid off...the place looks great.

  3. Aw, so pretty! I love that you two are so into your yard work. Good luck with the term paper!

  4. nice...looking good ma'am...summer is going...hard to believe we only have 3 weeks til the kids are back in school...ugh, best wishes on that term paper...smiles.

  5. It looks awesome. :)

    Good luck with your term paper!


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