Monday, September 24, 2012

Cut yourself some slack!

photo found HERE

I think I've found myself in everyone of those pictures at least once (some more than once, but I'm not saying which). 

Funny how people interpret "WRITER" in so many different ways.

Some see us as the brooding, artsy, romantic types, living alone, sipping coffee and pounding out brilliant prose while the rest of the world sleeps. Others see us as delusional and wish we'd grow up and leave writing to the "professionals". There are days when I feel like a genius! There are other days I'd just rather grab a drink with friends and forget I have ten dozen stories vying for my attention. And, of course, there are days I stare blankly at the computer screen or notebook, growl in frustration, and give up for another round of solitaire.

What's good about all this is that every one of these moments gives us something to write about. Yes, even the blank stares and solitaire. If you feel the urge to write, if you try to NOT tell stories in some way, shape, form, or fashion, you are a WRITER. Yes, writers write. But they also think, dream, hang out, brood, goof off, shine brilliantly, and play just one more game of connect four on their phones.

YOU are a writer. Cut yourself some slack this week. If all else fails, choose a picture above and run with it all week. Well, except for the first one. Staring at a typewriter for a week could do damage to your eyes and your sanity...


  1. I think we've all been each of those pictures! Recently though, I've been a lot more solitaire than typewriter. Yes, we often are too hard on ourselves, but sometimes I think we need to be!

  2. I'll go cut myself some slack right now!

  3. Yay for cutting ourselves some slack! I let myself relax this weekend, and I've come back to revisions recharged.

  4. Is number three available...just for those moments you know...he kind of appeals to me.

  5. Giving myself LOTS of slack. I may never be viewed beyond my blog, but I'm still a writer. Thanks for a few chuckles of recognition here, too.

  6. if you are a writer you write...pretty simple....smiles...ha

  7. Writers seem to be in the interesting position of being perceived at opposite ends, depending on who you talk to. Love the graphic. :)

  8. You forgot the FB shot. That's what I do when I can't find the words or thoughts I need to write. FB is junk food for writers.

  9. I agree with all those pictures. It's pretty simple to believe that writers... write, but not everyone will look at it that way. I'll go straight ahead and cut myself some slack now :D

  10. I can relate! Substitute the word "artist" for "writer" and it's all me.:) Thanks for giving me permission to cut myself some slack. Instead of solitaire I find myself surfing the web looking at other artist's work. I sometimes find them inspiring but sometimes use them to beat myself up! :)

  11. Angeline: Yes! And I have solitaire on my phone so I don't even have to get to the computer to procrastinate! Grrr....but I agree. We DO need to be hard on ourselves sometimes, or we'd never get anything done!

    Alex: Please do! Take a breather and relax :)

    Meredith: That's great! It's always good to take a step away so that you can look at your work with fresh eyes.

    Delores: LOL! Sure!

    Annie: You're most welcome :) You're right! If you write, as Brian said just below you, you're a writer.

    Brian: It is simple but sometimes, I tend to forget the simplest of things!

    Golden: We are. Half the people I know think I should already have a library of books published. The other half, I think, thinks I'm a bit crazy...ah well...

    Lin: Yeah, they should have put a FB shot up there! Perhaps even instead of the solitaire one!

    Cheree: Yeah, I feel like all of those pictures about twelve times a day! le sigh...

    Kathy: I think that shot could go for any creative person! And I do the same thing! I SHOULD have already been doing my school essays, but I got stuck reading fanfiction...oh my!

  12. Jul : Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by! I just wandered over to your place and returned the favor. Nice to meet you!


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