Thursday, September 6, 2012

random thoughts on rocking comments, a link, a small rant regarding villains, and an apology

You guys have been posting some rocking comments! Seriously! My last post overflowed with comments steeped in awesome and I thank you :) The Avengers' picture (You Should be Writing) seems to have been a big hit! I found that at random while searching for writing related pictures. Maybe someone should turn that into a poster!

If any of you are considering an MFA program in Creative Writing, Poet's and Writer's Magazine just released an e-book on the top MFA programs in the country as well as some in depth information about choosing and applying to a program. I downloaded it this morning and look forward to perusing it before I begin the all too important task of narrowing down the schools and sending out those application fees....geez! I tell you, colleges just keep eating at the check book, don't they?! Speak of which, did you know it costs to graduate? No joke. I have to PAY to APPLY to graduate! HA! Oh my, my....

And now, for a small rant. I've posted on villains before. It was a while ago and I'm sure no one remembers it. Heck, I vaguely do! Barring a repeat of my rant on "no respect for bad guys" I'll just say this: after finding the Avengers' picture and reading the lovely comments about said dudes, I thought it would be far funnier to have a poster of the villain from said film telling me to write. I mean, come on! A dude wearing massive horns and carrying a staff that shoots out lightening would definitely get me to work far faster than a couple of guys in spandex pointing angry fingers. No offense; I mean, if Hawkeye showed up at my door demanding I write, I wouldn't complain. Still...what about the bad guy? 

I know, I have this weird crush on Loki. Don't ask. It started with "Thor" and my husband finds it very funny. He even pointed out a Lego Loki and said, "Hey, there's your man!" Maybe I'm weird (don't answer that). What do you think? Do villains in movies and literature get the respect they deserve? I LOVE writing my villains. They are way more fun than my heroes! And I usually enjoy the villains of a film more than the good guys. They're more complicated, more fun to try and dissect.

OH! And I TOTALLY missed the Insecure Writer's Support Group yesterday. School started and I lost track of days. Labor Day didn't help things along. If you have time, do wander over to Alex's fabulous blog and check out some of the posts from those more attentive to dates than I!

Like I said, maybe I'm just weird. Ah well! Back to school!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

Jen, the Geeky Villain Lover


  1. No worries you missed the IWSG.
    I think my wife has a thing for Captain America. Of course, the dude is young enough he could almost be our kid. Scary thought.

  2. I have a little baby crush on Loki as played by Tom Hiddleston, but not on the actor out of character. He can come to my house and demand I write any day. :)

  3. Yay for villains! My MC is something of a villain (with a crisis of conscience later, of course), and she's been so much fun to write!

  4. I love a good villain, especially a complicated one. One of my absolute favorites is Long John Silver from Treasure Island-- though my favorite version of that story is Treasure Planet, the steampunky animated one. He's the "bad guy" but he also has an authentic relationship with Jim where he kind of becomes his father figure. I just love that under this pirate killer there's a nice guy, depending on the situation. And now I'm rambling...

  5. There has always been a fascination for the bad boy like Loki. But you just can't trust him!

    I go for Thor anytime.

  6. Villains are fascinating. They're less predictable than heroes (if written well) and can do so much more. :)

  7. I quite like a good villain myself! :) Hope you're enjoying the return to school.

  8. I get why you like Loki. He's an awesome villain! :)

    I'm a new follower. I look forward to getting to know you better!

  9. OMG, you're the third Loki-lover I've met since I watched Thor a few weeks ago. Okay, okay. I kind of get it. Especially when he freaks out, he's pretty cute!

  10. Every story needs a villain to add some spice... keep it from sliding into mediocrity...

  11. Sounds like you are back to being ultra busy once again, Jen! Best of luck with all of your plans.

    Kathy M.

  12. Thanks, guys, for all the awesome comments! It's always fun to hear what others think about characters. I'm a character junkie and I sometimes feel I'm alone in my slight addiction to fictional people :D


  13. Hi Jen. I visited Scribble to Screen and the Han/Leia repartee was very funny. I like the way it evolved to a snappy "I can arrange that" response from Han but it would have been fun to see the original played out on a blooper reel. That might have been pretty funny.

  14. Annie: I would LOVE to get my hands on a Star Wars blooper reel! If anyone reading this has one, do share! :D


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