Thursday, November 1, 2012

Are you in?

Halloween is over for another year. I put up all the decorations this morning and pulled down the turkeys and "Give Thanks" banners. Almost Turkey Time BUT that's not what I'm pondering...

So far, this school term has been rather, dare I say, less stressful than the last few? Sure I have two projects due by Sunday, but all they require is a bit of writing. No sweat. But, nope, that's not what's on my mind.

Today is November 01.

And I KNOW you all know what THAT means...

NaNoWriMo is here again! And I am participating.

I've participated for the past three years, "won" in '09 and '10. Last year was bust but at least I tried. This year, I'm ready because I'm not stressing it.

Something happened between last school term and this one. I'd like to think it was just me becoming more mature and easy going but I honestly think it has to do with adrenal burnout and the fact I honestly can't handle any more stress. Whatever it is, it dawned on me that being stressed out, even about maintaining my current (really, really good) G.P.A. just isn't worth it.

I'm letting that attitude trickle on down to my participation in NaNo this year.

So, for the next hour, I'll be sipping tea, listening to bossa nova on Pandora, and chiseling down that 50K word count.

Are you in this year? If so, look me up in NaNo land. I'd love to cheer you on!



  1. Good for you. Can't wait to hear your progress and what adventures your brain creates!

  2. Why stress it? Just go for it and do the best you can!

  3. Best of wishes on your NaNo challenge! You are a better man than I, Gunga Din!

  4. I'll be revising in November, but in the NaNo spirit!
    Good luck on hitting that 50k :D

  5. Mary: Thanks! My brain is always creating adventures! Now if I could just discipline my fingers to put them on paper!

    Alex: Exactly! I'm not stressing over it this year. I've got my own goal and if I break the 50,000 mark then all the better!

    Susan: Thanks :)

    Lily: Thanks for stopping by! Revising is every bit as hard as getting that first draft down...possibly more so! Good luck to you!!


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