Reclaiming Mystery

To retain the mystery of one's faith is what keeps it faith. As humans, we want to know and understand things. WHY did that happen, WHAT did I just see, WHEN is it going to be? But truth be told we'll never know everything. We can't. Even if we uncover and understand everything in our current universe something else would crop up for which we have no explanation,

And this is GOOD.

Things happen and we look to logic and reason to make sense of it. And many times, with diligence, we find that sense. That accepted explanation. But oh the times we can't. What then? Give in to those who discredit, who refuse to believe anything intangible? Who mock ones who, through personal experience, have walked with stars?

Some things are better left unsaid. At least in word by word commentary. This is the power of Story. To take those things, those experiences for which we have no name, no scientific category, and mold a world around them.

The power of Story is the freedom of fiction. Not a telling of lies in the guise of literature. No. It's the communication of truth through its most ancient of mediums.


Happy Banned Book Week everyone! Pick up a book you wouldn't normally read this week. Grab one off that "forbidden" list. Like Guy Montag, discover why books ARE so dangerous and why we so desperately need them. Need the Power of Story. NEED the Freedom of Fiction. Not the Prison of Fear in the sheep's clothing of Protection.


  1. Will look at the list. Faith and fear can't occupy the same place at the same time.

  2. Alex: I haven't looked at this years' list yet but I believe they focused on Young Adult Literature this year. And I agree: fear and faith are unable to occupy the same place at the same time. One has to give in to the other.


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