Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Returning to a blog is like resurrecting a cicada. It's big, cumbersome and you're convinced no one liked it to begin with so why bother. Not to mention it's ugly and a bit weird.

But you do it, you get it going. Its bugged eyes blink; its fat body wobbles over on spindly legs. It moves and it is alive!

Then the sun catches it and the body, so covered in dirt, is rinsed incandescent blue and green. It finds its wings. Not the rainbows of butterflies or stars of dragons. They, too, are cumbersome but also delicate as cobwebs shining with dew. With a buzz and a hum it takes off and - a miracle!!- it can fly.

Ever since I stopped blogging here I haven't been able to get this little blog out of my mind. That was two and a half years ago!

Change is hard. It's ugly and messy even when it's what you want. That year and a half has seen so much in my life. And now I'm writing amid more changes, more unexpected upheaval. Nothing bad, no, nothing tragic. Actually, it's just another step forward but one that (like so many others) came unsolicited and unsought except when opportunity grabbed me by the shoulders and started pulling.

And here I am, again. Full circle it seems. I started this blog just shy of five years ago. It has changed names, directions, moods. So have I! But that, as they say, is life.

If you used to follow me here, once upon a time, hello again! If you're new, hello and nice to meet you. Here's to the journey, eh? The journey of not just writing and crafting but of life and learning and enjoying the crazy twists and turns we all must navigate.

I look forward to seeing you here tomorrow for the Insecure Writers Support Group post! Have a marvelous evening and, as always,

Write on!


  1. Jen! It's good to hear from you. Yes, the cicadas are out in force right now. They echo into the night...

    1. Hi Alex! It's good to be heard! The cicadas are everywhere down here. You see them in swarms!

  2. Hiya Jen! Great to see you back here. Looking forward to your IWSG post.

    1. Hi Denise! It's great to be back. I needed some time away but I'm so ready to get back in the game! Cheers!

  3. Good to see your name! Cicadas--are these the ones that emerge every 17 years or so, and drive everyone insane?

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you. Cicadas are some of the creepiest insects we have in the South...I've hears that about the every 17 years. If it's true they're all on rotation because I see them every year!


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