Monday, March 7, 2016

An Old Love Revived

Now if you've been paying attention you've noticed a new theme oozing in here. It crept in through the cracks in the old floorboards and tiptoed in with the cold, winter winds. It's nothing new, well, not to me at least, but it's new HERE and I'm excited to rekindle this odd little passion of mine.

I grew up in a garden. My mother has always grown herbs and flowers and she and my father always had vegetables and fruit trees going full force every summer and fall. Plants have always fascinated me and I long to have my own little patch of yard again in which to cultivate my own. 

About ten years ago I started getting interested in herbs in terms of herbal remedies. I grew up knowing that chamomile was good for upset tummy and would help you sleep (thanks Beatrix Potter!). I knew peppermint was good if your stomach hurt and apple mint tasted real good with a boat load of sugar in it. But I wanted to know more and I got a job at an herb shop and found myself in a new and lovely world.

Fast forward those ten years and here I am, working again in a natural health food store, stoking those fires of botanical love. But it's not just the health remedies and benefits I'm interested in. I have also discovered that there is a vast sea of  botanical folklore and I've been itching to dive in! 

If you're a careful Reader (and I know you are) I've dropped a few hints about my A-Z Challenge theme in the past three posts. You'll get the full announcement on March 21 but for now let's just say that it rings close to the changes taking place here. Having rediscovered my love of folklore AND my interest in botanical folklore I thought it would be fitting to start my new blog theme off in that vein.


For the next couple of weeks we'll be exploring botanical folklore and how it can relate to your writing. Sure you can have characters who are gardeners or murders that take place in rose gardens or quote Shakespeare about Rosemary. But about the more subtle hints that we as writers are known for sprinkling in our tales? What about those bits and bobs of lore that aren't necessarily sign posts but more like ghosts that haunt the corners and dust bunnies that hide under the beds. I LOVE subtle references, especially those that I don't see the first time I read something but, once I discover them, make the story richer and more profound.

I hope you'll join me! The first Botanical Lore for Writers Post goes up next MONDAY!! I'm excited to share this bizarre little hobby of mine with you and I hope you'll find something in my ramblings to use in your next story or poem! 

Oh, and stay tuned for the second part of this new blog theme. I’ll be posting on Wednesday about my second little project!


  1. I'm looking forward to your botanical A to Z posts!
    Mary at Play off the Page

  2. Herbal cures are better than actual drugs.
    Maybe you can help me with subtle over the next few weeks.

  3. Mary: Thanks! I think it's going to be fun :)

    Alex: I think so! And I'll do my best :)

  4. I keep taking this herbal supplement for weight loss and it just doesn't work. Perhaps it's all the chocolate I eat! I wrote recently about the importance of incorporating your hobbies into your fiction and I think gardening is the perfect hobby for fiction!

  5. Stephanie: I love when people put their hobbies in their fiction. It lends such an air of reality and a bit of credibility to what they write. Plus, it just seems like it would be a whole lot of fun for the writer!!

    Weight loss supplements are notorious for poor marketing in the terms of "this will help YOU lose weight"!! The problem with that statement is EVERYONE is different and you have to be willing to try several supplements to see which one works for you! It's the same with any natural supplement. It's taken me almost ten years to figure out what combination of which herbs and supplements work for me...and I have to play with several chronic illnesses as well as the day to day of feeling energized! Whew! But it's worth the experimentation to find something that makes you feel human again! Don't give up! And chocolate IS an's good for you! ;)


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