Friday, March 4, 2016

Folklore for Writers and Other Curious Souls

I've always been in love with folklore, legends, mythology, and fairytales. They're intriguing and spooky and lend themselves as endless mines of storytelling gems. Many of my story ideas stem from old folklore. Every time I come across a new tale or myth I jot it down and my mind begins sifting for ideas.

The result has been too many ideas for me to use! I love brainstorming, list making, and researching new topics. I am a master of creating rabbit trails and can think of few things I'd rather do on a rainy day than rummage through the library or the Internet in search of new and tantalizing potential stories. To be quite honest, I will never use all these folktale inspired plots and characters. I cannot, however, put a stopper in my overflowing idea bank.


I'm going to share them here.

Please take them, run with them. Twist these tales to your own devices. Every book, every story, stems from a theme already explored. The trick, the fun, the joy, is taking them and making them your own.

Of course I'll be keeping a few to myself and I could never hope to explore the veritable universe of lore human kind has created. But I love to learn and collect ideas and brainstorm them over tea with fellow writers, readers, and thinkers.

I suppose what I'm really saying is THIS is the direction I'm taking this little blog. I've enjoyed speculating over it since December and (spoiler alert!!) in light of my A-Z Theme this year, I feel this is where this little blog belongs! I'm excited to see where this journey leads. As it progresses, let me know what you think and what you've used and how it benefited your work.

Just remember me when the Pulitzer committee comes calling :)



  1. Great idea! And my A to Z theme may inspire some stories, too. I don't write on the subject I'll be covering...but I LOVE to read it. It's similar to folklore... As writers, we love stories first and foremost, and there's nothing better than a good legend.

  2. Stephanie: Thanks! I look forward to learning your A-Z Theme :) Oh how I love's been a fascination of mine since I was very little. have a great day!


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