Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Prompts? Yeah, I Got 'Em!

Hello! Welcome back!

With all my excitement about the folklore for writers and the first series (botanicals) I ran out of room in Monday’s post to talk about something else I’ve been working on. Not only do I collect random bits of knowledge, facts, and folklore, I also collect writer’s prompts. Oh I’ve found them everywhere: magazines, websites, while reading books about writing, while reading books in general! Seriously, this brain don’t stop!

And it’s cluttered to the attics and I’ve GOT to get rid of some of these piles of papers.

Every Wednesday I’m going to post a new prompt (huzzah!) and perhaps a few ways that prompt could be used or misconstrued or redesigned to fit a myriad of tales. This prompt-a-palooza is two-fold: 1. I want to share the load, the love, and the ideas; 2. I want a way to keep myself accountable with my writing and prompt (YEAH!) myself to put words on paper and screen.

After the prompts are posted, I’ll move them to the tab you see at the top of the blog (Prompt-a-Palooza) where they shall stay for all posterity so you can browse them at your leisure and grab whatever strikes your writing fancy.

And please, if you do use any of these prompts, I'd LOVE to hear/see what you've come up with! My main goal for this is to bring people together with new and I hope interesting ideas.

Am I taking advantage of the vast space on the Internet to unload all these files and mounds of paper? You betcha! But I’m excited to be sharing them AND putting them all in one, easy to access space! Hooray for the Ether!

Have an awesome week! Look for the first prompt next Wednesday!!


  1. Sounds like a fun way to bring everyone together. I know people have a hard time knowing what to write about!

  2. Stephanie: Thanks! That's the goal :) ALthough, I'm going to recant my promise to post my own writing to the prompt every week. Whew! I've got a lot on my plate right now!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Good one Jen! I don't know why people struggle with what to write. My brain is always exploding with ideas!


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