Monday, April 18, 2016

The 2016 A-Z Challenge brought to you by The Letter "O"

Hello! And welcome to the 2016 A-Z CHALLENGE!!

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This year, I’m blogging my way through a botanical alphabet

I hope you enjoy your time here and by all means, 
come back tomorrow and see what plant I’m highlighting next! Cheers!!


quercus robur
aka: English Oak
quercus alba
aka: Tanner's Oak

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Oak trees are well known for their strong wood and used for centuries in ship building and barrel making. When Oak wood gets wet, it swells and creates a water tight seal. Medicinally it does similar action in the body, tightening the tissues.

Traditionally Oak bark has been used in tincture form to treat diarrhea, dysentery, and bleeding. It can also help to bring down swelling and is good to use to tighten gums around loose teeth.

Oak trees were held sacred by the ancient Greeks and Romans and venerated by the Druids. They symbolize strength and endurance and are considered great protectors and guardians of the virtuous. The classical world called the "The Trees of Life". Living in Savannah, I'm well acquainted with Live Oaks and I can certainly see why they have been venerated for their strength and beauty. Of course down here, they are also associated with many ghost stories. Then again, everything in Savannah is associated with ghost stories!


All research references can be found in my Library of Botanical Miscellany

These posts are in NO WAY medical suggestions. They are intended for informational purposes only.
If you are interested in pursuing natural, herbal remedies, get thee to a reputable herb shop (preferably one that is locally and independently owned and operated) and get educated!

Disclaimer II
It’s ridiculous that anyone writing about herbal and traditional remedies should have to put a disclaimer at the end of anything. 
Use your brain and think for yourself! Just as you shouldn't take a pharmaceutical at face value, 
do your herbal research and learn about the amazing plants around us.


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  2. I've been to Savannah - it seems everything is haunted in the older areas.

    1. The whole city is haunted by history, folklore, stories, and one or two ghosts. I love it here!

  3. Oak trees are one of my favorite kinds of tree. :-D

    1. They are one of the reasons we moved here. They remind me of the Ents.

  4. Oak is a good, sturdy wood. Excellent for furniture, too. We lost a large oak in a wind storm last year.

    1. I hate to see an old oak go down. They have to remove some down here because of dead wood. Every time I see a notice of removal it makes me sad.

    2. I hate to see an old oak go down. They have to remove some down here because of dead wood. Every time I see a notice of removal it makes me sad.


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