Saturday, April 23, 2016

The 2016 A-Z Challenge brought to you by The Letter "T"

Hello! And welcome to the 2016 A-Z CHALLENGE!!

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This year, I’m blogging my way through a botanical alphabet

I hope you enjoy your time here and by all means, 
come back tomorrow and see what plant I’m highlighting next! Cheers!!


(thymus vulgaris)
aka: garden thyme

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To the Greeks, Thyme was a symbol of bravery. It is an appropriate symbol as Thyme is used for nervous conditions. It can also be a good tissue cleaner and as a wound wash. As a germicide, Thyme is great for gargles, mouthwashes, and in toothpaste. Steeped in a tea Thyme is wonderful for upper respiratory congestion.

In legend and history the little Thyme plant has been synonymous with courage and bravery. The Ancient Greeks also associated it with elegance.

Rudyard Kipling, when traveling in the Mediterranean, wrote of its fragrance as "wind bit thyme that smells of dawn in paradise". 

Mmm, if this is what paradise smells like, what a welcome to eternity!


All research references can be found in my Library of Botanical Miscellany

These posts are in NO WAY medical suggestions. They are intended for informational purposes only.
If you are interested in pursuing natural, herbal remedies, get thee to a reputable herb shop (preferably one that is locally and independently owned and operated) and get educated!

Disclaimer II
It’s ridiculous that anyone writing about herbal and traditional remedies should have to put a disclaimer at the end of anything. 
Use your brain and think for yourself! Just as you shouldn't take a pharmaceutical at face value, 
do your herbal research and learn about the amazing plants around us.


  1. Hm. I love the taste of thyme, but hadn't thought about its medicinal uses, really. Was thinking of planting some in my herb bucket this year. YAY summer fresh herb time is coming!!
    ~AJ Lauer
    an A-Z Co-host

    1. You should plant some! There are so many different varieties of it. There's a little one called "Elfin Thyme" that grows like a ground cover. Can you imagine an entire "lawn" of it? Delicious!

  2. A great herb choice for "T"
    It really is amazing how versatile herbs are. I have just started including them as part of my health regimin.
    Im blogging from Fill the cracks and Moondustwriter's Blog. Happy A to Zing!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the more I learn about herbs, the more I'm determined to put them more and more into my everyday life. Enjoy the rest of the challenge! We're almost done!!!

  3. Medicinal and it smells good too. I need to go back and read all your posts this information is noteworthy for writing purposes. Great job. Sorry, still trying to get to all the blogs, and failing miserably! :)

    1. No apology necessary. I'm failing miserably in the reading department too! Thanks for the comment! I've enjoyed researching and writing about these plants and hope to continue even after the challenge. I've had such fun!

  4. And it's wonderful whan cooking. I use it a lot. I like its flavour :-)

    The Old Shelter - Jazz Age Jazz

    1. It is! I've put it in bread before with garlic and rosemary. Mmmm...!


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