Friday, April 29, 2016

The 2016 A-Z Challenge brought to you by The Letter "Y"

Hello! And welcome to the 2016 A-Z CHALLENGE!!

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This year, I’m blogging my way through a botanical alphabet

I hope you enjoy your time here and by all means, 
come back tomorrow and see what plant I’m highlighting next! Cheers!!


(yucca baccata)
aka: Spanish Dagger, Soapweed, Soaptree

(photo found HERE)

Yucca is native to Mexico and the South West United States. It can grow in other places too; I grew up with two HUGE Yucca plants in my front yard and I'm from Georgia. Still, it is well known in Native American and Mexican folk medicine as an anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic herb.

Native tribes used Yucca for everything from making clothes to medicine. It is truly and all-purpose plant. The root is high in natural saponins which, when chopped up in water, causes it to lather. It is an effective soap substitute and was used by native tribes for cleaning clothes.

The root is a nice potato substitute and can be found in most grocery store produce departments. It's starchy and a bit sweet. Next time you go to a potluck, grab a Yucca root! It's sure to cause a sensation! Just don't grab those huge spear-like leaves. That will cause an entirely different sensation, one you do NOT want to experience! Remember I said I grew up with them in my yard. I ran into them a couple of times. Youch!


All research references can be found in my Library of Botanical Miscellany

These posts are in NO WAY medical suggestions. They are intended for informational purposes only.
If you are interested in pursuing natural, herbal remedies, get thee to a reputable herb shop (preferably one that is locally and independently owned and operated) and get educated!

Disclaimer II
It’s ridiculous that anyone writing about herbal and traditional remedies should have to put a disclaimer at the end of anything. 
Use your brain and think for yourself! Just as you shouldn't take a pharmaceutical at face value, 
do your herbal research and learn about the amazing plants around us.


  1. When I lived in Texas we had Yucca plants all over the place. Even here in New England you can buy yucca in the grocery store.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  2. Hi Jen!
    The name Spanish Dagger is quite appropriate for this spiky plant...

    You are a winner!
    Swing by my blog to see which book you've won!
    Writer In Transit

  3. Sounds like a very helpful plant ;-)
    Uhm... now I would like to taste that potato like root. I'm not sure they sell them here in Italy, but should I find it...


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