Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The 2016 A-Z Challenge REFLECTIONS Post

This week, we survivors of the A-Z Challenge are banding together for one more run around the block with our Reflections of the Challenge. Read more about the Reflections and find links to the other participants HERE.


There was a lot about this post that went well for me this year. I posted every day and I learned so much about my chosen subject, HEALING PLANTS. There seemed to be a huge gathering of bloggers and the posts were top notch! My one regret, and this is totally on me, is that I wasn't able to connect to as many new bloggers as I'd hoped to. I'd wanted to do more networking but life got in the way. I've heard that from many participants and that seems to be the one hitch in everyone's A-Z plans. My goal for next year is to MAKE TIME to sit down and visit 5 NEW bloggers and 5 FRIENDS everyday. There's no way we can get to all the participants! This challenge is HUGE! But I feel if I made that tiny commitment it would boost my enjoyment of the challenge and widen my sphere of bloggy friends.

I learned so much about my own writing this year as well. I went deep into the heart of one of my all time favorite subjects, herbal folklore and medicine, and came up with some wonderful sources and information. It's deepend my reading as I'm now always on the hunt for second hand gardening books and my library check out list reads more like a plant catalog than a mere due date receipt!

My current WIP had some herbal references in it but only slight and only towards the end. I've now decided to introduce more of them into it from the beginning and tie the entire story line together with one herb, its uses, and its connection to the MC and her journey.

Also, perhaps because of all this focus on writing, I happily stumbled upon a book by one of my favorite writing coaches, Natalie Goldberg. Her words drew me back to a place of pure writing, writing just to be moving pen on paper, and has really helped me sink my roots into not just this story but my own story. Free-writing is part of my week now and I'm working on establishing it as a daily routine. It dredges up so much from my past and my present; it projects into my future with plans and dreams; it allows me to shovel into the bedrock and really learn the layers that make me the writer that I am today and shows me what I need to add to my soil to become the writer I want to be tomorrow.

THANK YOU A-Z Challenge crew! You've given us another fabulous year of posting and scrambling for words that begin with Q, X, and Z. I think you all did a FANTASTIC job and as far as I can tell, the Challenge ran smoothly and everyone had a great time! See you soon!



  1. Yay! You did it! Great topic. I enjoyed your posts. Looking forward to the book you write using all this great food for thought, and spirit.

  2. Glad it you enjoyed it and can use some of what you learned in your manuscript.

  3. I so agrea with you! The challenge was a wonderful occasion to learn more about a subject I really like and that will be useful for my writing.
    I find it fantastic that your new knowledge prompted you to put more of it into your story. That's shoudl be one of the thing this challenge does for us.

    As for the commitment: do it... but be aware that you'll never know what life will have in stor efor you. I planned this year challenge so well... and then life told me I had to do a compeltely different thing.
    Eh... but it's ok. Everything seemed to be wellin the end and I could at least keep up with the challenge.
    I was so happy to fidn you blog :-)

  4. Congrats on making it through. It is hard to visit so many blogs. I had the same issue.

  5. I thought it was great fun and I met so many excellent bloggers. Thanks for all your visits.


  6. You know, that seems to be the #1 regret I've read about--people not connecting with as many bloggers. It's definitely hard when life interrupts, eh?

  7. I have the same regret. I only managed to visit about half of the blogs I'd wanted to visit because my day-job decided to become insane in April.


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