Friday, February 10, 2017

In the silence between the thunder

How does writing become habitual?

How do we set our minds to the page?

Every time I look at my writing shelves - burgeoning with folders and notebooks of half worlds and half-formed things - I get stunned. I am quieted by the cacophony of ideas. I can't find a foothold. I stare; I freeze; my mind aches, my fingers itch. I feel I should do something. I should fill a binder with winged and beating things.

Yet I walk away with aching and I wander aimless, not wanting to lose myself in the words of others but in the words of me.

I grope and gasp for an avalanche of my words but I have yet to find the breaking.

My fingers could tear hair in their frustration. I am lost!

How, how, I wail, gnash teeth - how do I give birth to an endless stream?

Suddenly, in the silence between the thunder, I hear:



Keep writing,


  1. It will overwhelm if you think about all of it at once. Just begin with the first step.

    1. Oh it does! And I try not to think about all of it, all the plans and ideas. I try to focus on one but they others crowd in and clamor for my attention. I have a friend who only gets one idea at a time and worries she'll never get another. I've told her that I envy her and that she should never, ever bemoan the "one idea at a time".

      You're right. I do need to find a way to focus on that one step, that first step, that one project. Now to find the way :D

      Thank you for your encouragement.


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