Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Is it ONLY the end of January?

Again it seems it's Winter. I'm typing beside the radiator with my cup of tea perched on top. It keeps it warm and keeps me aware; if I'm not careful I can send it tumbling, usually on top of the cat who loves to push her front paws and nose up under the radiator to get as warm as possible.

It's the last day of January and I feel it's been a year already. Really? Only 31 days?'s been a forever month but not bad in any way.

January has always wanted me to lay fallow and this year I have done so. I was able to give up my last register shift and go exclusively to office work, some of which I can do from home or the coffee shop next door to the herb shop in which I work. I've sat with some long-held wants and wishes and culled the chaff so to speak. I've made peace with some future plans and sent some others packing. Fare thee well, graduate school! At least for now, you are not the path to tread.

And I've sat long and hard with my writing and I'm happy to say I have a solid plan laid out for it. The main goal is quite simple: write every day. It doesn't matter how much, it doesn't matter how little. All that matters is I dictate something creative to my fingers and see what comes of it.

There's some editing to be done. Remember that novel I finished end of last year? There's also a short story I finished just before Christmas that I want to edit and see if it has any wings. There's also another novel simmering, just behind my eyes, one that's been there a couple of years now that resurfaced last week. It's a complicated little love and I'm excited to coax it from the water.

The new jobs I'll be doing at work make me a bit nervous. I haven't actually stepped into those rolls yet and, right now, I feel like I'm flying by the proverbial seat of the pants. I've had a couple of trainings but I'm always so scared to start something new, especially for things that belong to others. I just keep telling myself that, in a year, it will all be old hat and I'll wonder why I ever second guessed myself. I did the same thing when I first took over the receiving. I was terrified I'd do something irreversibly wrong! Well, good news, a year and a half in and the store still stands!

The same goes for the new story. I've just got to take the plunge, do what I did with the other one. Don't think too much. Just write and see where the story leads. There's always time to edit later. Which is what I've got to get on the ball doing!

What about you? Anything good come from January? Did you lay fallow or did you leap into the New Year with pens a'blazing? It's been nice just sitting at the end of the day, dozing in front of the The Lord of the Rings but tomorrow is February and it's time to grab this year and see where it's headed.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

With ink stained hands,


  1. We're about to start a new month - great time to jump into that new position at work and a new story.

    1. That's how I keep looking at it. Thank you for the encouragement!


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