Monday, January 22, 2018

Mid-winter cleaning and bare feet in the sand

Whew, a bit late today, aren't I?

Today I've celebrated the joy of the mundane. I've been doing a bit around the house. Energy is a precious commodity with M.E. and Fibro; when I wake up with it I run. Not literally. You won't see me entering any marathons but I LOVE to get up in the morning and actually feel like getting stuff done. The first thing I did was take two Christmas presents to be mailed. Pretty sad, huh? At least they'll make their mark before Valentine's Day!

I see the moon and the moon sees me...

It's only mid-January, but the Spring Cleaning bug bit me good. I went and redid the bathroom, tore the blankets off the backs of the couches and freshened up the couch and chair linens. Not earth altering, I know, but there's a quiet rebellion I think in gentle work. I don't have the energy to march or give speeches, run for Congress or fight on the bloody front lines of political and social reform. I am eternally grateful to those - many my friends and co-workers - who DO get out there and make things happen. The movers and shakers.

As for me, I'll rebel by being calm in the face of the storm.

Dreaming of dirt between my toes...

It may seem counter intuitive; it may even seem to be cowering but it's a quiet strength that I seek. Too many people these days want to be big-shots, have a million followers on Twitter, be rich and famous and shove their art into that tiny box of conformism called "fame". Now I'm by no means opposed to making it in my chosen realm of art. I'm certainly not opposed to making enough money from said art to pay off my student loans and actually afford health insurance. I'm simply saying that for me, for right now, it feels good to make bread rather than trying to make waves.

With the weather flip-flopping around, it's been nice to peep outside and feel some sun on my toes. Yes, I have gone outside barefoot thank you very much. Hey, give me a day of over 70* and I'll be outside without my shoes. We did pay a visit to the beach yesterday. First time since October. The air was nice: mid-50s. The sand was COLD! And of course we were out there with no shoes. But the water...FREEZING! After about 10 minutes we could've stepped on a stingray and not felt anything. But the water was GORGEOUS! There was this peculiar haze over the horizon. The sky was four shades of blue and pink and the water looked like frosted mercury. This photo doesn't do it justice but it's the best one Jon took before our toes went completely numb and we figured it was probably a good idea to head back to the car.

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a marvelous weekend. Has it warmed up where you are? Or are you still bathed in snow and sleet. Anyone reading from the Southern hemisphere? Enjoy your Summertime! I'm longing for ours :)



  1. Like you, I woke up with a degree of a migraine, but hit the road running, maybe a quick walk. Laundry, dishes, de-clutter stuff mainly, but I did get blood moving!

    We are finally getting something winter like weather. While you wear flip flops, we are putting on sweaters/jumpers! Keep moving!

    1. It does help just to get moving! It can be so hard some mornings but I've found if I just get up and get that blood pumping I'll feel better in the long run. And then, if I end up with a relapse, at least I can say I got it doing something I enjoy!

      Stay warm! I'm sitting outside today in sandals! Good old Southern winters...who knows when the next cold blast will hit.

  2. That's the best time to go to the beach because I bet hardly anyone was there.
    A little cleanup around the yard makes me feel good.

    1. There were a fair amount of folks out there but I don't mind them in the winter. I figure if anyone is crazy enough to go to the beach when it's freezing, they truly love it and aren't there to be obnoxious :D


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