Monday, June 25, 2018

It's SUMMER!!!

I'm a Summer child, a beach bum, a water baby. The Winter is beautiful but it and I have a long-held animosity towards one another, especially since I developed Fibromyalgia. Cold weather is all aching bones and joints and the need for heated blankets and radiators following me around the house like forlorn dogs.

But summer is all heat, humidity, and trips to the beach.

We are fortunate enough to live 25 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and we go as often as we can but not nearly enough. Some mornings - when I'm not at work - I drive out to the island and walk for an hour or so, alone with my thoughts and the passing waves. Thursday evenings are picnics on the beach and watching the moonrise. There are dolphins and pelicans and seagulls that think every grape, every potato chip is meant for them.


Living on the coast brings afternoon thunderstorms and sudden rain showers. They do nothing to cool off the sticky humidity and you can watch the rain evaporate off the pavement in little clouds almost immediately after it's fallen.

Sunday mornings are perfect for taking out the kayaks and paddling around the waterways and marshes. There's a sandbar between Tybee and Little Tybee Islands. We haven't been out there, yet, but it's a lovely place, I've seen, where boats can get out there and leave the crowded beaches behind. And Little Tybee? Well, it's bigger than Tybee Island but it's a protected wild place and you can only get there via water transportation. I think you can camp there with permission. We haven't gone that native.

 When the tide pulls out there's a long strand of rocks that you clamber over and get away from the North Beach area where life guards and tourists ruin the wave riding. Around the bend, just past the jetty, is residential areas where the beaches are cleaner, quieter, and you can set up your tent in relative silence.

Dolphins are everywhere around the island and we've had them come up to our kayaks and swim alongside us. Several times there have been mama dolphins with babies at their sides. As tempting as it is to reach out and try to touch them, I let them alone, content to let them accompany me from open water back into the marshes where they guide me safely through the shrimp boats, sail boats, and Coast Guard skimmers.

Many of our friends prefer the mountains and I do love to head to North Georgia once in a while to bask in the beauty of old Appalachia. But my soul belongs by the sea. I can't imagine not living by the sea. For years we dreamed of living here and finally, after making a very rash and very crazy decision, here we are. We don't own the beach house dream, yet, but we're on the way.

This Summer, I wish you visits to as many beautiful locations as you can make. Whether you love the mountains or the beach, I hope you can escape to one or the other (or both!) at least once. Breathe, let loose, and forget, for a moment, that you have work, deadlines, obligations. Look at the beauty of nature around you and remember that you are a part of a vast community. That the story is bigger than you are. That you really are OK.

Where's your favorite place to spend summer holidays? 
Do you live near your preferred natural treasure or do you have to trek a bit farther? 
What was the last crazy, impetuous thing you did that turned into a dream come true? 
What's one thing you can do this Summer to push yourself a little closer towards your goals?

Happy Monday,

PS: Be sure and stop by on WEDNESDAY! I've got a very special guest who'll be promoting her NEW BOOK! WOO-HOO! *confetti*


  1. That would be cool to be out there with dolphins. Sharks, not so much.
    I've never adapted to humidity. I still prefer mountains and winter snow.

    1. It's wonderful. The only shark I've seen out here was on the end of a fisherman's hook. He had to clip the line and drag it back into the ocean. It was at least 5 feet long!

  2. We live about 30 minutes or so from the Gulf yet we don't make it over to the beach nearly as often as we'd like either. Must remedy that! :)

    1. Isn't it funny how we can be so close to what we love and not make it a priority! I've got to renew our parking pass for the island. Then we'll be out there most evenings :D

  3. We live 1 & 1/2 hours from the beach and usually only get there once a year, preferably not during the summer heat. I grew up an hour from the Oregon Coast (my favorite beach) and I do like having access to the ocean. It was weird the 4 years in Albuquerque with almost no water around at all.

    1. I can't imagine being landlocked. I've lived in Georgia all my life and I've always been within 4 hours of the ocean. We would go to the beach every year and the mountains as well. Years ago, I visited some friends in Colorado. It was beautiful but there's no way I could live there. Just knowing it was landlocked made me claustrophobic, even with all that space!

  4. I love the mountains and the beach. But only when neither are crowded with tourist. Kayaking sounds like fun.

    1. Oh I agree 100%! It gets frustrating here during the summer because SO MANY PEOPLE come here and the beach is crowded and gets trashed all summer long. BUT we love to go kayaking because, hey, there's only so many people who are out there on the water and they're pretty much all of the same mindset: less people, more water, get to places that are not as accessible as others.


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