Thursday, May 16, 2019

g r o w : O O 1

Good afternoon!

I totally meant to post this yesterday, but with the planting and the painting, well, time got away from me. And that's OK because those things go along perfectly with this post.

Along with creativity, growth has always been so very important to me. I love learning and seeking depth through knowledge as well as through spirituality. Even as a child I longed to stretch and grow more into myself. Though I didn't really know what that meant, I knew that I needed something deeper than what most of the people my age were going after. Of course, like most people, I got caught up in "people pleasing" and for a very long time I didn't grow in directions that were healthiest for me.

Growth in the garden, in nature, has also always been close to my heart. I like to tell people that I was raised in a garden and that is practically true. My father always planted a vegetable garden and he was the one who put in the grapevines, fruit trees and muscadine vines that still inhabit my parent's yard. My mom still grows herbs and flowers and vegetables in every available space of soil. There's always something green of interest growing in her yard and she's had decades of experience with that piece of land. I long for the time when I can walk out in my yard and see a mature garden, burgeoning with blossoms and humming with the song of bees and birds and all manner of green and growing thing.

With this desire to grow both internally and externally so strong in my own experience, I thought it safe to say I should devote a weekly post to growth! Here you'll find updates on the garden (or as we've started calling it The Farm-den!) as well as some creative growth, new ideas I've discovered as well as new insights into old ideas I've always held. I love to wander and wonder through subjects as diverse as ancient history and mythology to astronomy and herbalism. I really don't know what all will be found here but, as with the c r e a t e  posts I wrote about on Monday, I invite YOU to share your own stories of growth. Feel free to share your gardens, your stories, your insight, your strength and your weaknesses. Lord knows I'll be doing all of the above (and more!)

I'll keep this week pretty easy and post some garden pictures. We've done so much on this little property since we bought it in December. It's kind of funny, really: there's so much to be done inside but we've focused all our attention on the outside. I mean, come on! The weather is great, it's been warm enough to plant since March, and I don't want to miss a minute of bird song. So the painting of the walls will have to wait; the sanding of the floors will hold off; the purchasing of curtains will flutter in later (don't worry - we have blinds. Those ugly, plastic kind that remind me of some icky apartment living of the past...)

I love watching things grow and flourish in nature. I love planting seeds and get a bit over-excited when I see a little sprout emerge. I do a little dance and sing a bit when they first break through the soil. After planting our first veggie bed, I marched around it and roared a bit like that scene in "My Neighbor Totoro" when the sisters and Totoro plant the acorns in the yard. Yeah, my real neighbors probably think I'm a bit mad. But, hey: it's working! Everything's coming up g r e e n !

image found here

Three beds of herbs, flowers and herbs xo

The courtyard fence : the courtyard will be  on the side I'm standing on, looking out into the rest of the garden
Little gatherings for future projects <3
Herbal abundance going in the ground!
Have you planted your garden yet? Are you still waiting for things to warm up a bit more? Do you grow in pots? Are you not inclined at all towards a green thumb? How about some internal growth? Do you you find yourself leaning towards something new or a new understanding towards something familiar?

Have a beautiful evening, Dear Ones and may your Friday be bright and swoosh you into a blissful weekend xo

With heart in hand,

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