Thursday, May 23, 2019

g r o w : O O 2

Growth happens in a million different ways. The first thing I think of when I see or hear the word growth always has to do with the natural world. Specifically: plants. I love it in the Spring when the first glimpses of green begin to peep out on the oaks. When the crepe myrtle begins to get those tiny little leaves I know that the temperatures are warming up and pretty soon we'll be hit smack in the face with all the color of the new growth that Spring has to offer!

Baby balloon flower getting ready to blossom!
Lately, the yard has definitely been going through some growth, and I'm not just talking about the grass! The little seedlings are threatening to burst out of their pots, the plants we planted a few weeks ago are now putting out small flowers and there are more than one pepper clinging to the underside of crisp, green foliage. The zucchini are flowering, the watermelons are still standing upright and the sweet pea (which I started from seed) is three inches tall and still living!

And yesterday, something we thought might not happen again did:

The hibiscus bloomed! This plant was in a pot for over 5 years. I bought it when we moved to Savannah and put it in a shaded courtyard. I think it grew out of the sheer stubbornness I demanded from it! When I put it in the ground, I was afraid it was too much of shock. The leaves turned yellow and dropped off but I kept watering her, kept talking to her and behold! There are now three gorgeous blossoms and more on the way.

I have a particular affinity for blue flowers. They're difficult to find; blue isn't a color found often in nature. These delphiniums - planted this past Sunday - are bursting with blue blossoms already! Oh how I'd love to bring them inside so I could enjoy them on the table or counter but I don't want to cut it's blooming time outside nor do I think they'd survive the two scoundrels I have in the house who like to eat any and everything in a vase...even if it's known to be poisonous to cats. In fact, they prefer those plants. If they go after something, it's guaranteed to be deadly to cats. If it's safe, they ignore it.

I'm not joking!

"we are Siamese if you don't please..."
Growth can happen in more subtle ways as well. For the past several months I've been discovering some very interesting things about myself, things that I really never knew that have helped me gather up my courage and go after some long held dreams.

Every day I'm trying something new! My self imposed 52 Days of Gentlework project has caused this sudden growth spurt of creativity. I've been diving into crafts I've toyed with for years and one that I'd given up on but was reintroduced to two weeks ago quite by accident.

Sewing I've done for years. I keep a project going at all times and some days I have just enough time to get in a few stitches while standing next to my table, waiting for the oven to preheat or the kettle to boil. I have, however, started making time to sew. Now that I have a solid focus, it's much easier to allocate the hours needed to complete several new project ideas and design even more!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I've been drawing again. Years and years ago, I drew every day. It was a part of my life just like breathing. Then, like many artists, I grew up, got interested in more mundane things, succumbed to peer pressure and gave up on this aspect of my creativity. The main focus of this 52 Weeks project is stitching but I've spent at least the same amount of time drawing! Granted, these drawings are on their way to becoming stitching patterns, but there's some that may want to be something else. I'll keep you posted on all of the above!

To say I've been busy would be an understatement! With work, the garden and these new explorations in folk art, I've been going non-stop! Used to, this kind of creativity overload would have pushed me past my limits and landed me on the couch but this time, this time is different. I'm energized, even when, like now, I'm exhausted to my finger tips and want to do nothing but lie on the couch and watch Murder, She Wrote.

* Full disclosure: Murder, She Wrote is on the telly as I type*

So what about you? Have you been experiencing any growth lately? How's the garden coming along? Have you been able to sit with yourself this Spring and dig deep, feel around for things long buried? Or are you taking it easy, breathing, letting the morning breeze blow through you and cleanse you from some still stagnant Winter? Have you, like me, rediscovered some old joys and started working on some new ones?

I really do want to know xo

With heart in hand,


  1. Glad you're drawing again.
    Smart not to bring the flowers inside. Those two cats look guilty already.

    1. Thanks so much! It feels good to be working with my hands again.
      Oh, you have no idea how guilty they are! LOL!

  2. Taking the time to watch Jessica Fletcher w/tea is the best down time.


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