Monday, October 7, 2019

A Girl and her Granny Boots


How was your week? Ours was good. Aside from a little set back with a late summer cold (how does THAT work, anyway?) I've been working away with needle and thread and even managed a couple of dye experiments. The turmeric and tea one worked out really well - I'll show that one after I decide what on earth I'm going to do with it! The coffee and vanilla ones, however, are a the works. But that's why they're called experiments, right?

But the sewing. It's been wonderful! I feel as if I have finally chiseled my way out of a stone casement in which I've been hiding for so long. It's odd, really, and rather funny. I learned to sew when I was little, just enough to get by, mind. I learned how to put on a button. I cross stitched a goose. That was that. I didn't want to sew. I was a tomboy and tomboys did NOT sew. We climbed trees, skinned our knees and played baseball. I remember my sister sitting at our mom's sewing machine telling me that I'd better learn to sew because "One day you'll be poor and you'll have to sew on your own buttons and you won't know how and I won't do it for you."

She was about five.

Well, I've never been so poor that I had to sew on my own buttons but I have since learned to sew simply because I like being able to repair my own clothes and make new things. I've yet to dive into clothes making but that is in the future.

What I did tackle was the first project in a book I bought two years ago called Sewing Happiness by Sanae Ishida. It is a beautiful book filled with happy projects, the first of which is an Origami Pillow case for a throw pillow.

Friends! I did it! I conquered my fear of my machine, of following a pattern, and I did it!


Here is the pillow in situ. You can't really see the origami pattern but you can see the size and confirm that it does, indeed, look like a pillow.

Here are the origami folds at an angle. It looks pretty complicated but it wasn't. It just took time and a willingness to stop between every single fold and iron everything as suggested in the book. The book is wonderfully written! She makes everything very simple and explains everything in detail. I had no problem making this. Trust me when I say that is SOMETHING!

Less exciting perhaps is the back but here it is! A little peek-a-boo at the pillow that currently resides in there. I need to get a new pillow floof so that the cover is filled and looks less frumpy. The Star Wars pillow, however, will do for now!

In addition to the sewing machine conquering, I've also dived head first into my folk art. It's WONDERFUL! I've sewn every single day this past week and I couldn't be happier. My back and neck may be suffering but that's why I go to the chiropractor :)

What started this all was a much needed clean out of my craft closet. It was very cathartic! After that was completed, I found some old patterns that I'd sketched out on a bunch of fabric. Lo, they were all autumnal in design and I thought, "What better time than now to get started!" I started with the very first thing I found: a stack of already cut out leaves. They were cut out of plain, cream colored cotton. Very dull. But I remedied that pretty quickly!

This first little leaf became an embroidered ornament.

Another challenged completed: I learned how to do the Lazy Daisy stitch and the French Knot!

Ta-da! And, yes, that IS a real stick sewn on at the bottom as a stem :)

This leaf has the same design on the front, minus some of the Lazy Daisy stitches, but it became a wall hanging instead:

As you can see, I kind of like adding twigs to my work. There's a twiggy stem on this one and I stuck a long stick through the tube I stitched at the top so that I could tie some rags to it in order to hang it up on the wall.  I'm super proud of this one!

Oh, and this? Well, it was only a matter of time before my folk art started leaking onto my clothes! This is a thrifted sweater and I can't WAIT to show you the progress on this one. But that will have to wait until next week...when it's done!

So just what does all this have to do with Granny Boots? Well, they're a bit rugged and I can wear them everywhere. I've been looking for a pair and today, in that big box store with the red circle for a logo there they were! I saw them. I gasped in pure delight! I tried them on and was smitten. I'd just happened to bring some cash from my savings pocket - yes, pocket - which covered the price with a bit left over. They are glorious!

But I digress.

You see, they may not be the most stylish of boots. Well, not on my feet at least. I'm sure someone infinitely more fashionable than I could put them on with just the right outfit and they'd be runway ready. But for me, they symbolize more than just a fashion statement or current trend. For me they are one more step to freedom. The freedom of being completely and totally at home with myself. The freedom of waking up in the morning and knowing that my jobs for the day revolve around my Hedgehouse and my Folk Art and my Tiggywinkle Tasks that make me grin like a Cheshire cat with glee. Simple things like harvest rose petals for tincture; keeping the sink rid of dirty dishes; dragging yet another pile of junk to the curb for the trash pick up; stitching the next stack of motifs (owls, this time) into something that will bring me and others joy; turning a thrifted piece of clothing into something unique. Little things that get dirt under my nails, pin pricks in my thumbs and require several cups of tea to keep me going.

At then end of a day like that, I can put up my Granny Booted feet, sigh with pleasure and look forward to the next day of simplistic bliss.

I hope you've had a marvelous weekend and a wonderful start to your week! And if you've been up to anything creative, I'd love to see!

With heart in hand,


  1. Good grief, girl! Your projects are delightful. As for me, tons of quilting projects are waiting for me.
    Love your boots. I have two pair that I have nearly worn out. I suspect yours will do the same.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! You're super sweet :) Quilting is one of those holy grail projects for me. I have a quilt topper I completed last year. It's a bit crooked but I'm proud of it. Now I just have to actually sit down and turn it into a quilt! Best of luck with those projects. Oh, I know these boots will fall apart before I'm willing to give them up! And when they go, they'll be full of my pitiful attempts to mend them! xo

  2. Beautiful job on all of those. I can darn socks. LOL

    1. Thank you so much, Diane! Funny you should mention darning socks. I had a pair that I did darn and put them on this morning. Thought I did a decent job. Half way through the morning, I could feel my toes peaking through them again inside my boots! Alas, they were tossed. I suppose there's more to darning socks than just stitching up holes!


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