Monday, October 28, 2019

Toadstools and Burlap Pumpkins ... must be Halloween!

Good afternoon!

How was your week? We've been good here at The Hedgehouse. I finished up a few projects, started a couple more and have been enjoying having my mom in town for a few days.


Mom and I went to a rummage sale on Saturday that benefited a local botanical society. There were plants and books and odd little antiques; in short: it was a perfect morning! I brought home a black elephant ear and a rice paper plant. It's in the papyrus family and - from what I've been told - will get really, really big! I'm excited. Never even heard of one until Saturday so it will be an adventure to grow. And I'm going to do some research into the possibility of making paper from it. I mean, it's in the name, isn't it?

Pictures will follow as soon as I get them planted. For now, here's a lovely shot of some toadstools at the botanical garden. Aren't they adorable? I'm sad to say I did not see any fairies that day. Perhaps they were elsewhere in the gardens. Cavorting around the roses, I wonder?

I'm still stitching away!

While I finished the sweater last week, the jeans are taking a bit more time than I anticipated. It is a bit more difficult to get in there and stitch on a pant leg than it is an open sweater! But I'm enjoying it. I just hope I can get them completed before we go out of town next week.

Speaking of which, I won't be posting next week because we'll be in the mountains! I can't wait. I haven't seen mountains in a while and I'm aching to get back to my roots. The Woodsman and I will head out to see some friends in the metro-Atlanta area and then we'll be up in Ellijay for some mountain air and (I hope and pray) cooler temperatures. It's back up in the 80's today and it's awful.


The jack-o-lanterns are going to melt.

Mom and I did a little off-the-cuff crafting today. Last night talk turned to crafting when we saw some darling little flannel pumpkins at Ye Olde Target. I casually mentioned I should use some fabric stiffener and a balloon to shape a little pun'kin and she divulged that she'd make some out of burlap. I was immediately intrigued!

We went to the craft store and got some stuffing. The Woodsman works in the coffee industry so we have no shortage of burlap coffee sacks. We cut a large circle out of one (using a cafe table as a template) and ended up with two circles - the front and back of the sack.

Then, we did a running stitch all along the rim of the burlap making sure to leave enough edge to it so that the burlap fronds didn't come out, undoing all our hard work. Then it was just a matter of stuffing the little shower-cap shape, continuing to sew around the top and gather it up until we could stick a stick in the top and hot glue it in place.

I had to get fancy, of course, and cut out some leaves and then glued a few acorns on them. They are DARLING! I fully intend to make some more. I might even end up with a burlap pumpkin patch of my own. Wouldn't that be adorable in the front yard?

Now, I'm sitting at my worktable taking a break from some sketching. I've got a bunch of projects up my sleeves but they're going to have to wait until after we return from our vacation. I always get inspired when I'm in the mountains and I hope to return refreshed and ready to craft my way into the holidays and right on into the new year!

Have a wonderful week and a Happy Halloween.
I can't wait to share the journey to the mountains with you! Take care and see you in November xo

With Heart in Hand,


  1. Mountains in the fall will be breathtaking.

    1. Oh I am hoping for gorgeous colors and cooler temps!

  2. Clever with the pumpkins.
    Enjoy the mountains and the colors!

    1. Thank you! They were fun to make. Oh I will definitely enjoy the mountains!


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