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Life is a lovely dream, a full on course in how to be human. Everyday is an opportunity to grow, to move forward, to learn more about what makes us our wonderful, strange and glorious selves.

Learning the art of slow living is a challenge for many, myself included. My heart beats in another land, a place fueled by comfort and joy not with faster, bigger, stronger, better.

I'm a folk artist and a writer, exploring themes of rooting and wandering, finding true paths and realizing long held dreams. It's easy to daydream. It's easy to create a plan. But to take those dreams and plans and turn them into realized goals takes hard work. It's frightening and uncomfortable. Kind of like falling into a nettle patch in the dark.

I'm learning not to let the stings scare me away. I'm learning to take off my shoes and roam freely among the nettles and wild, rambling roses.  I'm learning to embrace the growing pains of trying new things and the sheer terror of running after a dream with all my might.

I'm learning to find comfort in these less than comfortable themes and I'm learning to see joy in every twist and turn of my journey.

I'm interested in so many things: art and architecture, folklore and history, culture and food, hometending, herbs and gardening, books and tea - all of these lend themselves to my art, my designs, my collections and my words. I like to dive in deep and take it slow, learning all I can, allowing each and every obsession to steep and become a part of my outlook on life and the things and places I surround myself with.

It is here, in this haven of a hedge, that I explore what I've learned among the brier thickets, the wild woodlands, the misty mountains and the unforgiving fells of this magical, strange and wonderful journey called L I F E.

So welcome! I'm glad you've found your way here and I hope that you'll find something that interests you and spurs you to take a deeper look at your own creative, messy, wild and beautiful life. Dig in deep, put down roots and learn as much as you like of these lessons in the art of living slow xo

With heart in hand,

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