Friday, September 23, 2011

A Week's Worth of Summarizing

Hello blog world! I've been AWOL all week and for good reason. Darn head cold after sitting outside at the baseball game last Friday night. The Braves may have lost, but I did get my picture made with Boba Fett!


Then, of course, there's been the whole public speaking class. Blerg. I know, excuses, excuses. But they're good ones. Right? RIGHT?!?!

Thank you all for your comments on the question of eBook commenting. Honestly, the idea of being able to ask questions directly to the author is a bit tantalizing, but who would want to lose the momentum to stop, highlight a passage, ask a question, and continue on? That would just ruin the story for me.

As a writer, I like to throw in things that aren't always explainable at first glance. And I don't want people to come up and ask me about them unless they have first tried to figure them out for themselves. Seriously. Can you imagine how many messages JK Rowling would have had to field while trying to finish the Harry Potter series? Geez...too many to count! She would have to have hired someone to type "I am not at liberty to divulge" on her behalf!

And honestly, I don't want to know everything. I like a bit of mystery. I like the freedom of interpretation that comes from the personal experience of reading. Being enveloped in another world is, after all, why we read and write fiction. Who really wants everything explained away? To know everything would be to have the magic of living erased. Sometimes, I begrudge science books. They explain everything: how lightening forms, how flowers bloom, why rain splatters on the pavement, what a will-o-whisp really is. Mystery is over rated and I love to just watch a flower bloom, droop, and then being to evolve into a bell pepper and think, "Now, isn't that magic?!"

Thanks again to all who stopped by this past week. I'm getting this class in order (I think) and finally feeling more like myself. I hope to back to blogging next week. Regularly. Seriously! It IS an on-going goal of mine.

Happy weekend!


  1. I'm constantly cracking the whip to keep me blogging regularly as well. I just try to go with the flow.

    Oh, and to comment about science taking the mystery out of life, I hate that they figured out the Bermuda Triangle. Although they've determined the reason, I'm still going to keep hope alive for the paranormal. It makes life just that bit more exciting.

    Good luck with your public speaking class!

  2. Wow, JK Rowling would have had so many questions thrown at her! That would have been ridiculous. Good luck with your public speaking class!

  3. How's the public speaking class going? Are you more confident, now? I hope so. Good to hear from you.

  4. While asking the author makes the relationship with the book more personal, I don't like knowing everything. I like to mull over and guess. The suspense of the unknown is exciting.
    Good luck with real life stuff.


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