Friday, October 7, 2011

Pillows, yes, pillows.

First of all, I just noticed I have a couple of new followers. Hooray and welcome :D Tea and coffee are served all day and there's always something sweet in the kitchen. Make yourselves at home and feel free to rummage amongst the steamer trunks and bookshelves.

Oh, and that silly blog title. Yeah, see, remember that LIST I blogged about the other day? Well, I wanted to try an experiment. One that has me writing every day. It may not be on my novel, but I'm still putting words to paper and/or screen. These little essays are enjoyable romps through words and I thought, hey, why not post them here!

So, if you log on Monday and notice me talking about really random things like sheep, the Headless Horseman or pillows, you'll know that I've not gone crazy; I'm just following the yellow brick road of that ridiculously long list I've constructed. Which I'm still constructing! Seriously; this topic collecting is getting out of hand...maybe I can find a homeopathic remedy for it... one of these trunks...

Happy weekend to all! Now go forth and be FABULOUS! And don't be afraid to write about whatever comes to mind. Even pillows.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you write about. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. If I start writing about pillows, I'll fall asleep.

  3. What is it that they say in all of the writing classes about the impossibility of making something from nothing, about the importance of having something on the page with which to work? If it's pillows that gets you going, my friend, I say jump right least you are in for a soft landing ;)

  4. I love a good pillow. I also love a good ramble :) Can you write one on Dodos please?


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