Monday, June 11, 2012

Fortune Favors the Bold

This quote is attributed to Oscar Wilde, but, then again, a lot of quotes are attributed to Oscar Wilde! I do like to think that it was he who said them all. Such a witty character, don't you think? Oh to be a fly on the wall in the tea parlors and bars and drawing rooms where he hung out...especially considering he kept company with the likes of Bram Stoker and Arthur Doyle.

Ah, but I digress....

Boldness! Such a powerful admonition. Be bold! Be fearless! And yet, timidity is safer and fear creates a blanket of warmth that encompasses us, makes us stay home where it's warm when the wind and rain are lashing at our windows. What does it mean to be bold? Well, to me it means to step out and do something that scares YOU. It doesn't have to be monumental. You don't have to go climb Everest or sign up for skydiving. You just have to step out your front door and see where your feet take you (and if any of you suddenly had a quote from Tolkien pop in your head, you're welcome ;))

My point is that if you don't seize a moment, it may never come again. It there is't a moment, then make one.

Someone once wrote that we can't wait for the perfect conditions to write; we can't concern ourselves with getting it right. We just have to get it written. Whatever "it" is, get you butt in that chair, hammock, sand dune, or flying carpet and write! Even if the story doesn't make sense right now or it came to you in a fit of indigestion but you just can't seem to shake one of the characters out of you conscious thoughts. Be bold enough to follow where he's leading you. See what it's all about. The worst thing that happens is you find another dead end but have more experience under your belt. Another stamp on your writer's passport if you will.

A bit of news: we're moving in three weeks! Yes, I know, we've only been in our loft for a year. We love the courtyard and the uniqueness of the lofts but the time has come to move on. A house went up for rent a mile from us and we took a gander at it a week ago. we loved it! It was so peaceful and had all sorts of little elements in it we've wanted in a place to live since we got married: fireplace, gas stove, A YARD!!!, a window over the kitchen sink. I know that last one is a bit odd but I never said I was normal ;)

I was nervous to move, afraid to sign a lease with someone I didn't know for a house I'd only looked at twice. And it's a HOUSE. This is serious stuff! True, we're still renting, but I really feel as we are taking a first step into a larger world (I'm just full of quotes today...this ones for all you Star Wars fans out there. Say it like Obi Wan would and you'll get it). We stepped out, signed that lease, and got the house.

What's the lesson today, kids? Be BOLD! Step out of that comfort zone that you've built up around your head, heart, home, imagination. See where the road will lead you. Just remember to keep your feet 'cause as Uncle Bilbo said, "It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. If you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to!"

Happy Monday!
Oh! And speaking of fortunes...

xo Jen


  1. Thank you - a Tolkien line did pop in my head!
    Playing it safe often makes us more afraid.
    I'm boldly writing. I'll see where it leads me!

  2. One of the best Oscar Wilde quotes that I've heard was actually done by "Three dead Trolls in a Baggie"- a Canadian Comedy troupe- during an Oscar Wilde sketch "Wilde of the West"

    Trouble is like toothpaste. It begins with a t ends in an e and if you look around long enough you can usually find some in the bathroom.

  3. I think we all need to recite a mantra like that to ourselves a little more often. It's easy and safe to stick to what you know, and anything new is so scary. But we have to do it; even if just one step at a time.

  4. Ha, I have to write a thank you note to my grandmother right now, so thank you for that fortune! So excited that you found the perfect place to move! I LOVE the window over the kitchen sink idea. Congrats!

  5. Window over the kitchen sink is a must. Standing, doing dishes, and staring at a wall? Horrible. I watch my kids playing, notice the neighbors peaches ripening, or stare at the cat on the fence. It removes you from the task of dishes.
    Congrats on being bold.

  6. To boldly go...that's what you are supposed to do.

  7. Enjoy your new home!
    I love the "carpe diem" attitude...
    it's all about seizing the moment!
    We all need to venture out of our comfy-zones every so now and then... but it's frightening.

  8. I just re-read your post and came across the line "a window over the kitchen sink". That is not odd at all. Standing at the sink and staring at a while is a waste of brain-time. My best thoughts always came while looking out the window, washing the pots, and seeing the cornfields.


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