Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Musings and Tomatoes

There are tomatoes on the bushes. They aren't very big, mind you, but they are there. The bees know about them. So do the birds but thankfully they've decided that they prefer the massive amounts of bird seed I continue splattering across the courtyard.

Tomatoes are all we have so far. Well, there are a few beans. Spindly little things, more like fingers than beans. Long, skeletal with black nails that reach out to grab your pant leg as you scuttle by in the dark. Who knew beans could be so creepy?

Over here, nothing is too creepy unless you count the fact that at night you can't see a thing in the dark corner of the walled garden. There used to be solar lights that lit up like little moons. Now they hang there...limp and lifeless but adding character in the daylight. A suggestion of festivity. We've even seen honey bees over here. The honey bee everyone says is disappearing. Whenever I see one I tell it to stay, tell all its friends, pack in as much pollen as it can handle. The idea of a world without honey bees is...well...let's not think about that today, shall we?

We have bell pepper plants and jalapeno pepper plants; carrots, cucumbers, and a pathetic little scrap of an eggplant that has just ever quite made it above two inches tall. The only ripe veg I see around here lately are on a collection of mugs I found at Goodwill for two bucks:

Tell me: if I drink Earl Grey from a tomato soup mug does it make it any healthier?

I wonder...


  1. most def...earl grey is the best too...smiles...

    i love summer tomatoes as well...mmm....and jalepeno plants...used to grow my own peppers as well...

  2. If I plant vegetables, it attracts bears. As does bird seed.

    And I think if you believe drinking Earl Grey from a tomato soup mug makes it healthier, then it is.

  3. Hey Jen! Sorry I've been MIA, too. I am catching up from being away from 10 days.
    I am attempting a garden in a pot with only a little success. My tomato plants are, by far, in the best shape. My radishes didn't survive the transplant.
    And Earl Grey: my favorite. Not sure about the health-factor on the TS mug, but I like it!

  4. At least you can grow something! We've tried. Bugs usually eat the plants before they even have a chance.

  5. they look big enough to fry and eat -smile-. seriously, my garden looks like an orphan; be proud of yours!

  6. Great pictures!

    I like M.J.'s suggestion about the mug. Perhaps the positive thinking will help. :)

    It would definitely be sad if there weren't honeybees around anymore.

  7. I have such a black thumb, I am very jealous.

  8. You are an ambitious gardener! Good luck, Jen! I had a tomato plant last year, and a tomato monster worm/caterpillar nearly did it in. Watch out for those creatures. They hiss.

    Earl Grey is the best.

  9. Aw, how pretty! Though I think the beans would creep me out, too. :)


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