Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The morning was ghostly...

The mornings was ghostly with the soft cries of raindrops just outside my window. I can hear them clamoring against the chimney  trying to get in. The sky is deep grey, just like I like it. My tea has grown cold but my fingers itch to begin a tale...

Good morning!

How have you all fared through the crazy hurricane? I hope you're all well and your family and friends were well out of the path of Sandy. Until today, all we've seen is wind and more wind. This morning, however, woke me to one of my favorite sounds: rain.

The house is dark and a little chilly but nothing a good cup of tea and a robe can't fix! The only sounds are the clacking of this keyboard and the ticking of the two clocks -one on the shelf in the corner, one on the wall.

Gone are the Halloween decorations.What few non-Halloween decorations we have are now happily scattered throughout the house. I couldn't bear to take down the tattered cloth on the mantle, so it's now being used as a backdrop for autumn. Honestly, I like the way it looks: without the pumpkins and horror novels it looks less like mummy wrappings a bit more like an old shawl.

Soon this lovely bubble of rain induced peace will be broken. I've got to leap into my classwork since I spent most of yesterday running errands and trying to recheck out some library books! You know, you change bags, forget your library card, call to renew at home, and THEN find out that one of the books can't be renewed so you have to FIND the library card, get BACK in the car and drive down there anyway...

Good think I only live a mile away! HA!

As you can see from the little tab on my sidebar, I've only written a whopping 2100 words for NaNo so far. but I'm not stressed. I'll write as much as I can. At the very least, come December 01 I'll have more than I would have had if I'd not attempted! There. That's me being optimistic.

How are you all this fine, gloomy, rainy day? Is it raining in your neck of the woods? My husband chalks it up to one of my many quirks but I'm much more alive and alert on stormy days than sunny ones. Too much sun and I start getting depressed. No joke. Must be all those English/Irish ancestors jostling about in my DNA.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, dear readers!

TELL ME: What's your favorite type of weather? Dong NaNo this year? Got any Thanksgiving decor you just can't live without? What about Thanksgiving stories...there aren't that many of those are there? Hmmm...


  1. best wishes on your nano....i rather like a thunderstorm...the sheer power...but then again it is dangerous as well...

  2. Just write what you can!
    I like cold weather and rain is good if I don't have to go out in it. Also means I can't mow the lawn. Darn.

  3. I want rainy cool weather. It was 92 degrees F. here in San Diego Country yesterday. With a dry desert wind.

    Send rain this way!

  4. I love overcast, drizzly weather. Maybe with some heavy rain at night where I can bundle up and listen to the sound, but not have to drive in it. Alas, 92 degrees today... But no hurricane, so I shouldn't complain.

  5. Good luck with NaNoWriMo, Jen!
    I'm a "child of the sun" and we have a sunny and humid, subtropical climate... I love it!
    Though the weather patterns have been chaotic globally, and we've been experiencing an unusual amount of spring rain...

  6. Brian: I think it's the danger and the power that attracts me to thunderstorms too!

    Alex: You and your lawn! Have you convinced your wife to let you put in Astro-turf yet? :)

    Susan: I shall put in my request to the Powers that be for rain to head your way :D

    Erin: Yes, no hurricane is a good thing. I do crave those stormy days though...

    Michelle: Thanks! My husband is that way. He needs the sun. Thus I am having one heck of a time convincing him we need to move to England :)


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