Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hello World

Good morning! This post is to announce that I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth (though with my current classwork load, I must say the thought is very desirable . How have you all been? Did you enjoy the  holiday season: Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, New Year?

The New Year has been grey here, grey and lovely. I've always loved January. It's as if the entire world has wiped the slate clean and has agreed to start over. The leaves are rotting under the trees; the tree branches are bare bones and trembling. We have a wind chime out in our yard that has taken to ringing madly in the slightest breeze. Not quite sure what to make of that!

Writing has delightfully taken over my waking dreams. Though I sit in the corner of the living room (once occupied by our magnificent Christmas tree, Denzel), reading, reading, reading literature for my classes, my mind continues to wander back to the notebooks sitting on my kitchen table. Why the kitchen table? Why not my writing desk in my writing room? Ah, if only I could answer that one. There's just something about writing at the kitchen table that makes me feel as if I somewhat belong to the world at large. When I sit in my writing room I feel secluded, hibernated, squished away into a sort of cloud-like oblivion. Don't get me wrong: sometimes this is WONDERFUL and I nuzzle into my battered sofa and relish the rain that lashes at the window of days like that. But usually, I'm here, at the table, the reflection of the back yard in my screen.

What's been niggling at your mind lately? A new story? A new character? A whole troop of harpies?

Oh, and about that Christmas tree, yes, we DO name our trees every year :) Makes it more personal, you know.


  1. are fertilizing the fields with all that reading...and thinking....and if you had fallen off the earth at least you would have a cool story...smiles.

  2. Beautiful! I'm hoping for a good rainy writing day. That would suit my story so much. And how have I never thought of naming my Christmas trees???

  3. you mae your tree? :)

    i had a whole studio (for a super short period of time) but always preferred the kitchen table. i've realised that it's pointless creating a specific creative space, that i must get a feel for the house and allow the space to reveal itself to me.

  4. If that is where you are inspired to write, then that is where you should write!
    Our Christmas tree is named "Fake."

  5. You've been writing, so your time away was well-spent. :-) Welcome back, though!

  6. Brian: That's true! Falling off the earth would give me a great story...say, that's not a bad idea!

    Meredith: I couldn't say how we came up with that idea. It just happened. I think it's because I've always referred to Christmas Trees as "he"...the name followed.

    Monica: Yes, I know: weird. But it's fun. And we even made a name tag for him! Maybe I should get out more...

    Alex: Too funny! We always have a real one. yes, the clean up is a bit trying, but there's just something about that smell...and my cat would be depressed if he didn't have the sap filled water to drink!

    E.J.: Thanks! Yes, I'm surprised that I've actually been writing! I think it has something to do with being out of school for two weeks! Ha!

  7. You're the first I know that names the Christmas Tree. How cute. I had to comment because you are also the only person I know who likes January. Then, from reading your description, I can embrace that attitude. It is always horribly cold here in January. Today, school is cancelled because the roads are too treacherous. On the other hand, there's something cozy about having to stay in. Maybe I'll take down our Christmas tree and perhaps gets some of those characters out of my head and onto the paper/screen so they can tell their story.

    Joy to you in the New Year!


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