Monday, December 21, 2015

it's the most wonderful time of the year

A Merry Christmas you shall have, mmm? Good things in the New Year for you I see.
And speaking of seeing, YES I saw The Force Awakens and YES it. Is. AMAZING.

Happy Christmas week!

I hope you have all had a marvelous December. Ours has been really, really good. There are things in this world I would change, for myself and for all humanity, but on the whole things are really good. Jon and I had our Christmas yesterday morning. Coffee and presents and one cat enjoying the catnip pouches I made him = a perfect morning. The afternoon was spent with a dear friend at the beach. Boy was it COLD! Blustery and bright, the sea was freezing and we went back to her beach house, fingers and toes numb, happy to fill mugs with piping hot cider.

Christmas will be spent with much overdue visits with family and friends while the New Year promises to be quiet, spent inside with a midnight toast between husband and me.

Looking ahead to a new year is always exciting. I love to look back, too, and see where I've come, where I've been, before contemplating where I'm going. This year saw wonder on top of wonder and I am humbled and in awe of both blessings and lessons learned. My husband found his niche, his place, a job he loves and supports whole-heartedly. I slid into a place filled with knowledge, a place that helps the community around it and one that is filled with people more family than co-workers. Sure the washing machine still leaks sometimes and the stove top creates mini-wars when trying to use more than two eyes at a time but we're blessed. And I'd wager, so are YOU.

So Happy Christmas, Dears. Happy family and friend time. Happy feasting and present-ing and pondering a bright tomorrow. Take time this week to breathe, to remember WHY you celebrate. Reflect on WHY you wrapped all those packages or baked all that fruit cake. Remember WHO you did it for. Whether a little or a lot (and I've celebrated with both), may your days be merry and bright.

May you have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed, happy, prosperous New Year. Here's to adventures, stories, and magic.

See you next year!!
I can't wait.


  1. Reflecting on the who and why is great advice. I was starting to devolve into a crafty wrapping and cleaning machine and lose a touch of the spirit. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

  2. At least you guys make it to midnight on New Years Eve. When they started showing the ball drop in Times Square at 11pm instead of midnight (they used to time delay it), we just gave up and started celebrating at 11pm!

  3. I barely make it to midnight on New Year's Eve. We toast, listen to fireworks in the distance, and then collapse in bed.
    You're right, Jen. Most of us are really blessed if we think about it.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. You won't be cold Christmas Day, that's for sure...

  4. IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I'm so happy. This is my favorite time of year. But I have found that since moving to Seattle and being closer to constant overcast and the whole (it's darker here earlier and for longer in winter) and then the exact opposite in summer, it's hard to not feel pretty drowsy and a little down sometimes without the vitamin d.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. May the force be with you. Ha. I haven't seen the new one, yet. But, my boys did, and they liked it!



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