Friday, May 12, 2017

Wandering for a Chance of Connection

Why do certain ideas pull at you? Is it the place you find yourself in life or is there something in the unseen air that grabs us by the soul-strings and tries our attention? For several weeks I've meditated on the concept of "pilgrimage". What does it mean? Do I need to uproot to wander? Should I develop my own "pilgrimage" where I am and see what reality has to offer me?

I can't uproot so the idea of creating a personalized pilgrimage at home sings compelling. I'm at odds, though, as to what it may look like. I've toyed with maps of the area, even put in cities within a 100 and 200 miles radius of my location, just to see what it would take to get there for a weekend. As much as I love to travel, as much as I desire to experience the unknown, those soul-strings are marionetting my attention towards the local.

Could revelation be uncovered while walking to the store?
Will my feet really take me where I need to be?
Are there other wondering souls nearby, wandering for a chance of connection?

I'll never know unless I try. Originally my plan was to sequester myself into books and research, hide under a parapet of vicarious dreaming. I needed the foreign, I thought, to find my way home.

It appears, however, I need to learn to love where I am before I can engage with where I'd love to be.

This has the makings of a very interesting summer.

Happy wandering, Dear Reader!

Oh, and always feel free to share in the comments your own tales of wandering, both home and far away.



  1. If you're not happy with where you are, you'll never be happy anywhere else.

    1. That is so true and it's a lesson that has been a long time coming for me 🙂

  2. Home is where the heart is, right?!

    1. Yes! Sometimes we just have to have a change of heart in order to see what lies before us, in our immediate vicinity.

  3. Jen, you keep inspiring me! I am just recovered enough to walk a mile to a mile and a little more and I've been thinking about creating some special "reward" walks in local "tourist" spots like walking along Alkai Beach in Seattle - it's flat and as long as a person wants it to be (or 3 miles one way for the whole paved walk) with plenty of coffee shops and little stops along the way or walking at a local wildlife refuge that's a bit of a drive from where I live.
    Happy wandering!

    1. I think that's wonderful! Set yourself small goals and that will give you something to work towards. That always helps me. It helps to see the "end" of our progress; that's why its so important to set little goals that build into big ones. I'm so guilty of just setting the big, huge goal in front of me and then I'm floundering, wondering what I really should do next!

      Enjoy those walks!


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