Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mrs Queen Takes the Train

I do love a good ghost story. Recently finished "The Woman in Black" as a matter of fact. Gloriously gothic tale! But sometimes, I need a story that makes me feel happy and content. That is exactly what "Mrs Queen Takes the Train" by William Kuhn did for me.

This book invites you into the imagined world of HRM Queen Elizabeth and yet it is so realistic you have to wonder if Mr Kuhn happens to, himself, be a part of The Household. The book tackles some hard issues such as depression, confusion, the loss of loved ones, and handling difficult emotions but it does so in such a wonderful way that you take a deep breath, feel the hurt, understand it, and go through it to the other side.

The Queen is a bit down lately and accidentally leaves Buckingham Palace (whoops!). She befriends a couple of young people and a blind couple and their German Shepherd. She leaves the palace in a bit of a hush-hushed uproar and sends one soldier, her personal attendant, a long-time butler, and a lady-in-waiting on a bit of a dash to Scotland in an attempt to intercept HRM before MI6 interferes.

It is a lighthearted romp through London into Scotland via public transportation and it is one that I think you'll enjoy. There's a lot of bantering in the "Upstairs, Downstairs" sense between classes and the humor is deliciously dry. If you like a story that seems more like a deep breath and a lovely, long exhale then this is the book for you. Perfect for a chilly weekend spend indoors with a pot of tea and cozy blanket.

Or, of course, for a trip on the train!

Happy reading, Dears!


  1. This sounds perfectly delightful, the type I enjoy. Will check it out!


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