Monday, November 16, 2015

There is beauty to be found here.

a view of Gaston Street in Savannah, GA

An epiphany was had this weekend.

There is beauty to be found here.

HERE, wherever "here" is for you.

For me.

The world around us rages and it seems that everywhere we turn there's bad news, dreadful photographs and ugly language seeping into our memories and consciousness.

There have been times when I've found myself raging, seething to escape the confines of strangers, strangers who cut me off from my present. My selfish present. My consciousness became toxic from constant exposure to the traps of social media.

Have you ever gone away from it? Unplugged from the constant updates of everyone else's lives? I've stopped blogging before but I realized that wasn't unplugging for good. It was removing myself from a creative community and each time I've done it, I've faded.

No, I'm talking about FBook. Perhaps I'm being oversensitive. I am the happy owner of a hyper-sensitive personality. Oh joy; we take up only 1% of the population. It's not easy being green. It's not self-preservation, well, not JUST. It's a preservation of the beauty that is always around us.

Yes, Dear Reader, there is BEAUTY around us. Always around us. Sometimes you just have to look harder, find the microcosm that is easily missed.

As of this morning, I'm not existent on FBook any more. At least for a while. It may be permanent. My only hesitation of the forever is I have friends there who aren't involved in blogging or on Instagram. Why Instagram? Because it's a celebration of the lovely. It's easier to find others who want to paint the world a better place with joy and gardens and positivity. 

Am I avoiding "real life"? Not at all! Walking away from virtual anger is walking into the waking realm around us. Oddly enough, I feel I've just woken from a long, strange dream. The scrolling stopped and I felt lighter. A beautiful lightness of being. I wasn't on FBook terribly often, but I realized last night that I would suddenly have a lot more time. If I have more time, I wonder about the other hours flitted away by others who are there more and more often.

I'm not condemning social media. I'm a blogger and I post pictures of my cat on Instagram. It's a wonderful form of communication and connection. There are people in my family I've reconnected with and stay in touch with in ways I wasn't able to before. But, for now, I'm here in the blogverse, I'm on Instagram, and I'm out THERE. 

In the great, wide wonder of reality with hopes of better fueling myself to create my own!

Have YOU ever removed yourself from Social Media? What about those of you who AREN'T on FBook? Who have permanently removed yourselves from it? Did you feel freer, less constrained by the whims of others? If you've never been a part, why not? 

Happy Week, Friends!


  1. That's why I'm not on Facebook in the first place. Sounds like a lot of fights break out there.
    My wife has a knack for seeing beauty everywhere.

  2. Very nicely put, Jen. I do use FB to keep in touch with friends and family. Otherwise, my dear sons aren't great at keeping me up-to-date. I take it with the grain of salt, though. I find the news on TV far more offensive.

  3. I like Facebook. I like seeing what other people are doing. It helps me promote my classes and the arts and other people's businesses and art. All things in moderation. Since you announced that you were leaving Facebook, I made an effort to go to my Feedly list this morning to find your blog. You have lovely words and sentiment. I would miss them/you so much if you disappeared completely. Keep writing and creating and sharing pictures of your cat and cups. I love your cups!

  4. Yes, I actually keep my head down more than I should, because I want to live in a beautiful world. I've been accused of hiding like an ostrich.

    Anna from Elements of Writing

  5. Yes, Dear Reader, there is BEAUTY around us. I love this Jen. I have a love/hate relationship with FB. I do find interesting stuff there, and some beauty. I get lots of LIKES when I post beautiful tree pics. But I'm on too many social media. I've been off Instagram for awhile. God, there's got to be some time in the day when I'm not posting pics! But I like FB and Instagram for posting holiday pics when I travel and peeps seem to enjoy those. I don't like it when people keep promo'ing books. There's other places to do that.

    Enjoy beauty every day Jen. It's there. There's also a beauty in the Parisian people and their fervency for their city/country. How many terrorist attacks have they survived? I can't wait to travel to Paris soon to show my allegiance!


  6. Alex: It's not all bad but I needed to take a step back and reassess why I was on there in the first place!

    Joylene: Thank you and thanks for stopping by!

    Mary: I used to enjoy FB and I still like it for keeping in touch with friends and family out of town. I had to take a step back, though. Things were getting out of hand for months and I finally had to take a deep breath and unplug a bit. SO glad to see you here! I shall stop by your place to catch up soon! Thank you so much for your kind words and don't worry, the words and the cat/cup pictures shall continue to be posted!! Cheers!

    Anna: I understand completely! I've been accused of the same but I don't mind. I feel I get enough important information from those around me that I'm not completely in the dark but sometimes, it's nice not to "know everything"!

    Denise: Thank you so much!! Happy Wednesday!


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